10 - 14


Monday - Friday


Camp Hours: 9am - 3pm 8am - 8:45am Drop Off, 3:15pm - 4pm Pick Up


$499 Includes Meals 

Camp Overview

Emerge Youth Life Skills Camp is a weeklong day camp experience for children ages 10-14 focused on exposing youth to essential building blocks for life. Each Emerge Camp provides an in-depth introduction to life skills and experiences that are typically neglected within traditional classroom environments. Elizabeth Beisel and her team have curated lessons around safety training (CPR, First Aid), water safety/drowning prevention, self-confidence, yoga and meditation, mental health and wellness, physical activity, interactive team building, and re-wilding in nature.

Each day camp session is hosted at a City of Warwick location, conveniently and centrally located in Rhode Island. Pool days will be held at McDermott Pool, Education Center Days will be hosted at The Event Factory, and the final Re-Wilding Day will be hosted at Rocky Point State Park. Families are responsible for transporting their child/children to and from camp each day. Camp begins at 9am and ends at 3pm daily. For more answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Water Safety Days

McDermott Pool - Warwick, RI

Education Center Days

The Event Factory - Warwick, RI

Re-Wilding Day

Rocky Point State Park - Warwick, RI

What To Expect

Campers will be introduced to a variety of life skills which will empower them to believe in themselves and act accordingly in real world scenarios. This includes anything from lifesaving tips in the water and nature to workshops on building self-confidence and leadership skills. These physical and mental lessons will allow our youth to respond to situations calmly and expose them to the beautiful impact they can have on our world. Having fun and educating our youth is at the core of what we do at Emerge, and we hope to leave each camper happier, more confident, and better equipped to take on anything life throws their way. Our youth is our future, and we fully believe in investing in them.

Program Schedule

Camp Hours: 9am-3pm

Drop Off: 8:00am-8:45am

Pick Up: 3:15pm-4:00pm

Monday & Tuesday


@McDermott Pool – Warwick, RI

Wednesday & Thursday


@The Event Factory – Warwick, RI



@Rocky Point State Park – Warwick, RI

Fun-leading to take action

Campers will learn about safety through situational awareness, water safety, drowning prevention, and leading through action in emergency situation. From identifying an emergency, initiating appropriate response and communication, CPR, choking response and basic First Aid, campers will be provided tools and skills to act in a dynamic, simulated environment.

Fun-learning to relax

Introduce campers to skills to help them overcome fear in the water, stress release through instructor lead yoga, breath-work, and learning the three-minute meditation tool to calm stress whenever or wherever they may be.

Fun-being part of a group.

Games and challenges designed to get campers to see how their actions can impact a groups identity while overcoming fear, hesitancy, and shyness that can hold them back form truly feeling seen or included.

Fun-learning about connecting with nature.

Through partnerships with RI Dept. Of Environmental Mgt, Save The Bay, and The Narragansett Indian Tribe, campers will have life-changing experiences connecting with nature through coastal exploration, participating in an Indigenous People’s experience, and learning critical lessons from the nationally accredited Project Wet guided learning curriculum.

Mind, Body & Soul

Periodized progression daily for physical and mental well being.  

We utilize proven yoga practices, adding an introduction to meditation/breath-work and the combined use of these tools to increase personal concentration for movement, academics, sports and work environments.

CPR Training

Health & Wellness

All campers will learn simple first aid practices and CPR for education and application.  Safety to oneself that expands to all groups the camper may be in at any given time: friends, family, school and sports.

One camper who has learned these skills adds safety to their friend groups, family or school mates in any situation because they have been taught, understand and have practiced how to best take action in a situation needing CPR or first aid, water safety or calm clear decision making.

Water Safety Training

Water safety extends the safety to campers family and friends.  Emerge campers learn to read conditions in pool, lake and ocean environments.   Understanding basic safety concepts in and around water.  Survival techniques for inexperienced swimmers, calming skills and actions that good swimmers can take if they ever struggle in water.  All campers learn how to call for help and or initiate any facilities EAP (emergency action plan)